Anyone Ever Seen a 7mm STW in..


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
A Rem 700 VLS configuration?? My bro-in-law found a bona fide factory Rem 700 HB with a brown laminate stock chambered in 7mm STW. I have him putting it aside for me today as it is in my price range. I have never come across a long/mag action set up like a VLS in the rem catalogs. I am assuming it is a ltd run per request from large distributor.

Was gonna go full blown custom this fall but found out how much it costs to put braces on kids recently
. This STW is used but at $450 I can't pass it up...

Lastly, was unsure what forum to post this under, I hope this works for all.


The Shooting Times Western came out several years ago, maybe 5-7, not real sure when Rem started making them. The price sounds very good tho.
Nodak 7mm,
I have a 7STW in Sendero LS. So does my buddy. They were not listed in the Remington catalog since they were a special run gun. Remington will not disclose the number made.
They are OK rifles.
Good luck and good shooting.

Thx Guys,

Thats what I figured it was, a ltd run. Wanted to hear that someone else had one. Always wanted one since Layne Simpson legitimized it in the late 80's. But wanted one in a HB w/wood and now I got one on the way.

Vinnie, if there is more you can share regarding your satisfaction w/yours or lack thereof, plz email me.


If you need additional help with loads, Boyd Heaton also shoots a 7 STW and he may be of particular help.

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