Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?


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Jun 28, 2013
I’m having trouble believing this just happened. I was shooting off a bipod from the bench and this happened. I added the pic rail and additional t-nut to this stock but it broke through the factory installed one (I installed the one further forward). This is a super lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar stock.

the rifle manufacturer stated that they do not recommend use of a bipod on this model so there is no warranty coverage.

anyway, it’s either a freak deal or needs to be a word of caution to anyone using a super lightweight stock. I can’t imagine a stock that you can’t use a bipod with...


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Jan 28, 2011
Spokane, WA
Not to that degree, but yes I've seen issues with bipod installation, and stock damage.

You don't say, but I'm curious if the rifle is braked, and what caliber?

We ask a lot of stocks these days, not validating the manufacturers position, but some times I'm astonished by the stress firing puts on all the equipment we use.


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Feb 1, 2018
Well...thats a new one. I appreciate the OP posting this, I would have thought this would happen.

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Dec 24, 2017
Northern, Mi
If manufacturer states you shouldn't use a bipod, it implies they knew something like this would happen. Still, unacceptable IMHO.
May be that the torque of the recoil vs stock strength due to the lightweight nature is why it's not recommended using a bipod. Obviously when a gun manufacturer says don't use pointed bullets in their lever action rifles, it's because recoil may cause the primer of a cartridge in the magazine to ignite from the cartridge behind it. I'd say I was forewarned if it happened to me. It's unfortunate for sure but live and learn I guess.


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Jan 7, 2015
Southwest Wyoming
Have you talked with them yet? I know you said they recommend not using a bipod, is it in any of your rifle instruction/paperwork anywhere? Or was this advisement just passed on word of mouth, that may not be passed on to every customer? This may be a new one for them too, there is a possibility they will do something for you. If not (and even if so....)....stockys has their carbon stocks in the mid 20 oz range, Manners has a few nice stocks in the 25-30 oz range, AG composites, and possibly a McMillan with light fill will do what you want, and with those, you can order them with a pic rail (other than stockys) and they will stand behind their product, and are designed to be strong.

Even if they replace your stock, that would be above and beyond customer service, but not sure I would want to use it after that happened, especially since you want a pic rail and bipod on it.


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Nov 16, 2012
the rifle manufacturer stated that they do not recommend use of a bipod on this model so there is no warranty coverage.

I can’t imagine a stock that you can’t use a bipod with...
But you bought it knowing this & still did it :confused:o_O

Unfortunately I doubt there would be any recourse from the manufacturer.

Still I find it odd that if they don't recommend a bipod being mounted that they installed a hole/stud in the 1st place o_O

Why install them if you dont want people to use them??
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