Anybody w/ a 300 Tejas ?


Sep 27, 2012
Just wondering if anybody on the forum is shooting the 300 Tejas? Brad the gun smith has always stuck with the 168 grain Bergers. I have been shooting the Berger but have been hunting with the 168 grain Barnes TTsx . I was a little worried about shooting the Berger as fast as I do at elk size game.
Well I am want to move up in bullet weight. I have been reading all of the post on here about the 230 grain Berger. There seems to be a lot of talk about 30 cal here and the Berger. I have read a few long threads about it with the 30 cal win and the 300 rum. Some very long long threads. Some guy named Broz that shoots more elk in a season then most normal men do in a life time ;-)
Well the problems in this day and age is finding bullets and supply to work up loads. I have found no Bergers in 230 gr for sometime. I have been playing with the Barnes 200gr LRX and the Nosler 190 LR's . The Barnes 200gr LRX w/ 87 gr Retumbo have been key holing threw the paper targets @ 100 yards at 3125 fps. The Nosler 190 gr load @ 9605 gr of retumbo have been grouping at 1.9 inches at 100 and 3393 fps. I have not worked a lot with these loads. I am really wanting to try the 230 gr Bergers. If I cant find any I guess I will have to continue working with what I have. Have any of you on this site been working with the 300 Tejas and the 230 grain Bergers ?