Angled versus Straight


Mar 16, 2004
Could anyone tell me the pros and cons of angled versus straight eyepeices. Spotter will be used 40% at rifle range, 25% varmit hunting, 25% on truck window, 10% peeking at neighbors(lol). Thanks in advance for all replies.
I personally find a straight eye piece easier to aquire a target with. Most of them have a rough aiming sight down the side so finding the target is a lot easier. Angled eyepieces are ok on the range but in the field....straight wins every time.
Edmac....meichele...thanks for the replies...since i will be using it most at the bench...I think angled would be my choice.....but straight would get by with both bench and field
O/G, if you're gonna use the scope while position shooting (standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone), then you'll be able to use an angled scope much more comfortably than a straight scope while maintaining your position.

Otherwise, the straight scope is very practical for field and bench purposes, and certainly points to the target more naturally.
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