Aluminum or steel bull barrel on my 10/22?


Dec 22, 2009
I am going to buy a bull barrel for my 10/22, but I am stuck in between an aluminum barrel and a regular steel barrel. My friend said the heavy the more accurate it is, but he said the aluminum barrel sounds like a good one too. It's a tactical solutions. Here's the description,
An ultra lightweight replacement barrel for the Ruger 10/22. Each barrel is precision machined from solid aircraft aluminum and incorporates a premium button rifled chrome moly steel liner.

Technical Information


Barrel is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum bar on CNC machinery
Barrel has a premium chrome-moly liner
Oversized shank allows for custom-fitting to the receiver, this can be accomplished with light sanding of the barrel shank
Barrel weighs 15.2 oz

With 22LR the ammunition is more important than barrel weight. A heavier barrel will provide a better follow up shot should you need it. Even with a 22LR there is a little recoil that is going to cause you to jump just a hair (nothing like a centerfire obviously). The aluminum barrel will amplify this due to the lack of weight. Depending on its intended purpose the heavier barrel would be the better option for a target shooting scenario or short walks in the woods. Should it be just a hunting rifle, then the lighter barrel is the better option. Think about application and allow that to be your guide to your new purchase.

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I recently modified my 10/22 with a new barrel and a few other things. If you head over to there is TONS of information. The entire forum is basically dedicated to 10/22 mods. From my reading when I re-barreled mine the Tactical Solutions barrels are not the most accurate. They don't use a chamber that is as tight as a number of the other replacements. Generally a Bentz chamber offers a good blend of reliability and accuracy, but they use something between the factory and a bentz. They seem to be more accurate than stock, but not up to snuff compared to a Green Mountain for example...

ETA: There are other lightweight alternatives that are quite accurate, like Whistlepig or the Rimfire Technologies Quantum barrels.
Since we are on the subject, have either of you used or have seen anybody use the carbon fiber wrapped barrel that Midway sells? Just curious.

If you're speaking of the Volquartsen, I'm sure they are excellent. I have not personally used one, but everything else that they produce seems to be top notch. From my brief reading about them (they were never really in my price range so I didn't do too awful much research about them) they are quite accurate.
If you are going to shoot this rifle at all standing up free hand go with the light barrel. my brother and father both had heavy still barrel,great with a rest but lets face it shooting a 22 you dont allways have a rest, and those heavey barrel are a lot tougher to shoot freehand. I have a volqutsen cf barrel,love it. My bother and dad since shooting mine have opted to get a lighter barrel kurt my brother got a tactical solution "great barrel" and dad got a cheaper carbon barrel both are a lot happer with a lighter barrel. Hope this helps.
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