Altus, OK Info Needed


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Oct 25, 2001
Altus, OK
I posted this a while back and didn't get any response, one last try.

I will be leaving San Antonio and going to Altus, Oklahoma (military transfer).

Please post ANY information on the hunting, ranges, gun shops, or whatever is available in that area. I am scheduled to arrive in mid April and as anyone in the military knows, information on a new base or city is gold in easing the mind.

Please help with info.

I live in the Oklahoma City area and know of a few gun ranges around here, but I'm not familiar with the Altus area.I had to move back here after 12 years in the Rocky mountains.I must say that I am more than a little disappointed in the hunting and shooting opportunities here-- by comparison.Maybe the area you are going to will be better. Good Luck!!
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