Alberta Wolves?


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Jan 5, 2010
NC mountains
I’m considering a white tail hunt to Alberta next November. I tried looking to see how or if I could get a wolf tag but what I read was a little confusing.
Can anyone chime in who has been there and done that?
Thank you!

Hi Steve .. I live and hunt in Alberta … u will need a hunter host or a Big Game Designated Guide … and you need to buy a Wolf tag at 12.40$ … you will need a win number 8.00$ and a wildlife certificate which is 68.22$ then your Whitetail tag 203.84$ ... as a Albertan I have got a hunter host tag at 27.00$ for a non-resident hunter(Canadian) .. if you have any other questions just ask … David :-}


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Thank you kindly for the reply sir. I appreciate it.
I have been to Albert twice in the past in and around Glacier National Park. Its beautiful there.
Saw the biggest grizzly hands-down in my life about 5-10 miles from the border.
What part of Alberta do you live in sir?
I’m in western North Carolina. It’s a far cry from where you are as far as game, beauty, etc.
Would love to hear some Alberta stories if you have some you would like to share.
All the best sir,
Following. It's one thing i'm going to do is get a wolf. Struck out in Montana this past fall. Been thinking about giving Alberta a try.
Hi Steve .. if you go into my name then hit my name again then go into posting then go to page 5 I wrote a story about calling in wolves called Canis Lupus 2 out of 3 is not bad … then 6 days later I called them in again and got 2 out of 3 again … I have posted how to call them in again in other posts if you go through my posts on here .. I am a extreme person with how I hunt and fish n thinking outside the box … if you have any questions just ask .. we are all here too learn .. David.. I have a u-tube channel called speckle55 were I share some videos of the outdoors


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I will definitely check it out. Thank you kindly sir. Can’t wait to get home this evening and watch your videos. Have a great weekend sir.
There is lots of wolves in alberta but dont have your hopes high of getting one as a secondary animal on a whitetail hunt. If you go in the winter, when they have baits established, guys have more luck. These are very elusive animals
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