Adjustable Cheekpiece Sendero/PSS

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho
OK Guys,

Here is the problem I have run into, customer buys a Sendero, PSS, etc. and mounts a 50 mm obj scope or larger on it and no longer has anything that resembles a cheekweld. Now this of course can be cured with a 400-600 dollar stock upgrade but that is not a desire or option for everyone. The nylon strap on or wrap on padded styles are soft and touch to make consistant, the are shim (more foam) adjustable and you have to take them off the rifle to get the bolt out. Our own military snipers usually duct tape pieces of bed roll foam the the stock. I have developed a cheek piece that is adjustable for 1", needs only to be loosened (has coin slots and can be loosened with just about anything in the field) and collapsed to remove the bolt, is solid, impact resistant, light weight, and reasonably priced. The cheek piece retails for 79.95. photos included.


Photos did not take see links provided by Dave King a couple of replies down.

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I can see them if I do a "properties" capture the addy and then past it to the address bar.

Click on the link below, it should open another window and show the picture (takes a while).

Pic 1

Pic 2

Tread repairs, a free service offer to the fine folks that frequent Long Range Hunting.... Naaaawww I was just feeling hospitable today.. Take care.

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Thanks for the assistance, is there anything I can do to make the pics work right next time. The first pic I posted worked fine. I took the same steps this time. Any ideas?


I tried to direct link them too but they wouldn't show so that's why the hyperlink.

Could be something the picture hosting site does..
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