A.R.M.S. Mounts, bases and rings

Discussion in 'Long Range Scopes and Other Optics' started by augustinaustin, Feb 15, 2003.

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  1. augustinaustin

    augustinaustin Well-Known Member

    Oct 4, 2002
    I just got in their #35 quick detachable base and ring set-up for my new JP AR-15. I am so impressed with the overall quality and design that I am considering the same rig for my 300RUM (currently running Badgers) I would not trust QD rings for return to zero function but the idea of having a cam-lock base*** be detachable leads me to think this would work as promised. Has anyone tried these on a big-bore? How did they hold-up (biggest concern) and how was the return to zero?
    ***ARMS QD base have rings screw mounted in a channel so that the base and rings form one entire (removable) unit. see www.mountsplus.com