A few questions about mountain 700's


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Dec 8, 2009
Hello, I bought a mountain lss, and hate the stock, my buddy has a bell and carlson alaskan 2 on his 700 and I like haw that gun feels, does anyone know if one of them will fit my mountain thin barrel, it will definetly be bigger than the barrel but will this affect anything? thanks
Any bell and carlson stock made for a 700 bdl should work. Your mountain barrel will be free floated, if that's what you want. Some guys prefer a pressure point on the lightweight barrels.
you've got a good gun with the stock mountain rifle. My hunting buddy has one in 30-06 and it is lightweight with a beautiful stock, hard hitting and with a little fine tuning, as accurate as you would need. For an all around gun, if you were to hunt in North America and have that gun in 30-06, you'll never need another for the rest of your life. Alot of people talk about the bedding problems, but my advice would be to first try as many different kinds of ammo that you can before you play with the bedding.
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