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We talked about whole house generators on another thread. I had a Kohler 20 KW generator installed in December. I now feel more comfortable about being prepared for almost anything. My generator just sits there, ready. And it's comforting when it fires up automatically, every two weeks, for a 20 minute "exercise" run. That just tests the system, and keeps the battery charged. The technician said he will return in three years to service the unit and replace the battery.
There will be no fuel either if **** hits the fan!
This has been studied extensively and the estimates are that if there was a Carrington event or an EMP that completely took down the power grid in the US-

90% of the population would die off over the next year. Some estimate 95%.

Modern Man has become soft, and most have no skills to survive if the system collapses.
The Carrington event happened in 1859 & was probably one of the biggest solar flare ever, estimated to be about an X45. Like blasts of soft X rays passing thru a square meter. A X20 would make for "extreme radio blackouts"; the Carrington event was estimated to be X45. This can ionize the upper atmosphere to a point where magnetometers on earth will react & heat the upper atmosphere increasing drag on flying objects.
Great question My answer
I have every power tool known to man, which won't work so I have all the basic hand tools needed to keep us alive.
I have about a years supply of packaged food, some canned, some dehydrated
I have 8 5gal containers of propane for my BBQ if we need to cook and no nat gas.
I have 5 50 gal containers of water stored, with enough chemical to clean about 5000 gal. more.
I have "bug out bags" with fire starting, snares, knive, Life straws, compass, in each vehicle.
I have a gas, LP, Nat Gas 10,000 watt generator with fuel ( all Three)
I'm pretty ready but really hope I don't need any of it.
I know how to dig a latrine.
I will eat my neighbors cat.

Also looking into recipes for " long pig" figue there will be plenty of fat ones coming from citys full of Dems.
If you are going solar the most common cause of failure is lightning, even cloud to cloud lightning. This is a very complex subject and requires a lot of digging into various grounding and protection schemes. Some solar vendors will have info. The ham radio guys have a lot of info on this as well as info on EMP protection.

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