7mm08Rem or .308Win

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  1. Mulga

    Mulga New Member

    May 18, 2004
    Im looking to buy or build a vramint/LR target outfit. If I buy it will be a Weatherby SVM or a Sako75 varmint laminated stainless in either 7mm08rem or .308win. If I build it will be a 6.5-284Norma [​IMG].

    What are the pros and cons of the 7mm08rem and .308win?


    Mulga [​IMG]
  2. Mysticplayer

    Mysticplayer Well-Known Member

    Jul 27, 2001
    From a ballistic standpoint at ranges exceeding 600yds, the 7-08 is superior in every regard. The 308 case just isn't big enough to send high BC bullets at any reasonable vel.

    It is so popular in North America because of the service rifle/NATO/tactical influence. No one uses it if they have an option.

    For hunting, I would still go with the 7-08 but would keep ranges around 600yds for either.

    Compare the BC of a 7mm 162gr Amax and a 168gr/175gr 30cal. There is no comparison. Vel from the 7-08 would even be higher.

    If ranges do not exceed 750yds, consider the 6BR. I have plinked with my 6BR at 750yds using the 87gr Vamx and had no problem hitting clay pigieons at that range.

    With the newer 105gr bullets, it is wonderful at longer ranges. Many are now looking at it for 1000yd BR. Personally, I would go 6.5 for a BR 1000yd gun.

  3. Michael Eichele

    Michael Eichele Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Here is one scenario that the 308 would beat the 7mm08.

    7mm-08 150 Ballistic tip 2800 FPS (BC .493)twist x9-10

    308 155 Scenar 2950 (BC .508)Twist x12-13 for a drop differance in the 308's favor of 5" at 600 yards and an energy differanc of about 200 FPE.

    Due to the larger bore of the 308, it has the ability to push heavier bullets faster with less twist.

    Here is an example of where the 7mm-08 might out perform the 308.

    7mm-08 162 AMAX 2800 FPS (BC .625)Twist x9

    308 168 AMAX 2850 FPS (BC .495)Twist x12-13

    The differance here is 4" and about 150 FPE in the 7mm-08's advantage at 600 yards.

    One more example is the 178 AMAX in the 308 and the 162 in 7mm The differance is 7" in the 7mm's favor, but about 50 FPE in the 308's favor

    Each has certain advantages, but it may be foolish to say that either will outperform the other all the way accross the board. With the 308's accuacy reputation and MASS selection of bullets, life of barrels and slow twist, I would choose the 308 over the 7mm-08. The 308 will shoot most bullet/powder combos well and also has a bigger bore for more killing performance as well as burn area for higher velocity with even heavier bullets. The 162 AMAX is about the only bullet that will allow the 7mm-08 to out perform the 308. Now if every rifle would like that bullet...

    If you want HIGH velocity and super flat trajectories, maybe neither will suit you. About the best you can do with the 308 is a 155 Palma, AMAX or Scenar at around 2950-3000 depending on bbl length. The best you can do with the 7mm08 for flat is the 140 Ballistic tip at around 2900-2950. If you want a fast n furious varminter, the 6.5 you mentioned might be the ticket. The only down side IMO is barrel life. Other than that, its flat and accurate. This is all of course with a varmint rifle in mind.

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  4. speedbump

    speedbump Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    I wouldn't discount a 7mm 168 SMK, or a Cauterucio 156. The 168s do pretty well out to 1K, in the same league or better than a 155 Palma load IMHO. The 156s fly VERY well for most everybody who tries them. Both have thick Sierra jackets.

    If you don't plan on fine-tuning handloads, then a .308 is the better choice: more quality factory ammo, bullet selection, etc. But, if you roll your own & want something a little different, then a 7-08 is a good choice. [​IMG]