7mm rem. mag. 175 gr. PSP


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Feb 19, 2009
Does any one know the ballistic table (trajectory) for the PMC 7mm rem. mag. 175 gr. PSP load? and what does PSP stand for?
My Sierra program gives the following for the PMC 175 PSP in 7mm Rem Mag.

2860 ft/sec
200 yard zero
100 yds +1.78
200 +0
300 -7.84
400 -18.43
500 -46.97

If you want a different zero let me know and I will check the program
a maximum point blank range and how many inches high at 100 yrds to achive the mpbr? by the way the altatude of the hunting l do is at 5000 to 6000 feet
With a 10" vital zone the Sierra programs gives a 347 yard max point blank range. You need to be +4.02 inches at 100 yards to achieve this at 5000 ft elevation.
thanks mate my jbm program sugests a mpbr of 360 yards with a zero range of 304 yards 4 inches at 100yards but saying this the only bullet l cuuld find was a sierra game king! 175 grain sbt! at 2860 f/sbut l dont think the bullet is a game king is it? so what what bullet do you guys think the PMC 175 GRAN PSP USES? speer? laupa? horandy? l dont have a cloo l searched every where but couldnt come up with an answer. PMC must make there own bullets?
by the way the vital zone in the jbm program is 5 inches!!!!!!
now l am really mixed up man. going shootin tomaragun)
Regardless of the bullet design, it looks like that between 350 and 370 seems to be the PBR. I would call PMC or email them and see if they can give you some answers. That would be the best thing to do. Ask what bullet, and length of barrel for the claimed velocity.

well couldnt stand it no longer so l went shooting today! 3 inch high at 100 yards hits dead on at 320 yards!!! mpbr of about 400 yards with a 6 inch vital zone!!!! l am not shure if it is the bullets that give the good performance? (7mm Rem Mag PMC 175 grain PSP) but l recon its the gun more than anything!!!( HEYM SR 30 straigt pull bolt action) german guns rule mate!!!!!!!gun)gun)gun)
That is great! I always said that looking at ballistic programs are just a guide. The real test is shooting at the distances. I have been both disappointed and pleased with my shooting after comparing it with my ballistic program.

My Sierra Ballistic Program shows that you need to be over 4inches high at 100 to be dead on at 320 Yards. You must be getting more velocity than the 2860 ft/sec that the program shows for the PMC load.
yeah well it is strange cause most ballistic programs say a velocity of 2860 f/s
do you thing not just the ballistics but the quality of the rifle can have an efect on trajectory? l know if the barrel is longrer it can efect it. but thats not the case my rifle has a standard long barell. could the quallity of the steel and rifleing have an efect on it to? or could it be cause the day l went shooting we had a cold and dry (no humidity) breeze? anyway thanks for your help. you have been vety helpfull. if it wasnt for you l still would have been shooting them 150 grain federal clasics and woonding some animals.
Yes on all accounts of your questioning. Quality of barrel, length, care of said barrel, and metallurgy will cause barrels to shoot differently. Most ballistics for a 7mmRM are based on a 24" barrel. If you are shooting a 26" to 28"' barrel you can expect a gain of 100 to 200 feet per second. If you have done a good job of taking care of your barrel, then you will be able to see some velocity gains as well as accuracy. Sounds like a good set up. I am determined to buy a Mauser action some day and do a classic Mauser build. Germans definitely knew what they were doing.

Temp, altitude and humidity all factor into a bullets performance. The warmer and more humid the weather the better a bullet will fly. I'm not sure why, I can remember reading it some where that humidity helps a bullet fly better. If you play with humidity setting you will see this change in your ballistics. I could be backwards, it has been a while since I have read that article.

l am not too sure but l always thougt a bullet would fly better in dry wether not humid, l could be wrong. but humid means wet and wet air means thick air and that means the drag would be more? l think hot dry air would be better? or maybe cold thin air would be best.
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