7mm-08 for Silhouette with Sierra 150gr MK HPBT or 160gr TMK?


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Feb 2, 2019
Tucson, Arizona
So I did fail to prep for my Silhouette competition rifle, I though I had a 500 pk of bullets left and I do Not!

I use a 7mm-08 with the 150gr Sierra Matckings but I'm running very low and cant find them at the moment. I have a backup plan for the short term but still need to get more bullets.

The 160gr TMK seems like a viable option with the higher BC, only question is will it take down the Rams at 500m. The 150gr hits hard and looks like 160gr would hit harder but experience using the old 168gr MK HPBT says that's not the case and it left too many rams standing after good hits.

I dont mind the 150gr version at all but with being hard to find what if I find the 160gr TMK first.

Any experience with the 160gr TMK and the rams at 500m?

Thanks in advance.
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