70 yard kill shot on black bird


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Mar 2, 2012
I got a first shot kill on a black bird at about 70 yards from our porch. I practice at 75-100 regularly but this is my farthest kill so far, i was impressed with myself.
What ammo were you using? I went 2 for 2 at 126 yards on starlings with T Bolt and Federal Bulk ammo. The first one was a chest shot and dropped on the spot, the second one took it in the guts and required a finishing shot when I went to look at him.

I tried some Aguilar Super Maximums on a squirrel hunt last year and they were unreal on long range squirrels. I was making first round hits at 100 and they were blowing up like I'd hit them with a 22 Mag. I want to buy a box and actually take them to the range to see how they group.
Now that's truly impressive! I haven't shot my pellet gun in years. My brother and I used to be deadly out to 35 yards and killed quite our share of birds in the 50 yard range, but I don't think we ever touched anything at 70.

What kind of pellet gun are you shooting?
Its a gamo shadow fox. Its been discontinued for probably 3 years. I shoot about 2000-2500 pellets a year with it and i have had it for 4 or 5 years. The spring in it is really weak and i only get about 720 fps with 8 grain pellets but its advertised at 1000 fps.
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