7 SAUM Load with 175 Elite Hunters

My last rifle with 9 twist shot them very well with 61gr of rl26.

H4831 and H1000 would also be good.

I have a ladder loaded up with 175's and rl26 that I am going to shoot as soon as I get a chance.
I have another post on 7 saum load development. That I will update with the 175 data.
I bought some from Copper Creek with Norma brass and 175 Elite Hunters. They are running 58.2 grains of H1000. It's not super fast at only 2770fps from my 24" barrel (I get 2840 from a 26" barrel). But it's a really nice accurate load in both rifles. I mostly bought the ammo for the brass back when I couldn't find any, so once I shoot it all, I will try RL26, which shoots well in my 26" 7SAUM with 180 VLD's at 2880fps.
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