7 saum

  1. H

    For Sale 7 saum Remington brass

    I have for sale 5 boxes of Remington 1 fired brass for sale. I bought it to use but never have. So once fired from factory rounds that were loaded Price is $125 shipped to your door. I take Venmo and PayPal f&f only.
  2. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 7mm SAUM built by LRI

    This is a fully built 7mm SAUM on a Remington 700 short action that was built by Long Range Inc. This gun has never been fired. It has a Bartlein #4, 1:8 heavy spiral fluted barrel at 26". It's approximately 27 3/16" with brake. The barrel was fluted by Kampfeld Customs. All the gunsmithing work...
  3. Mc Fraser

    7 SAUM

    My next build will be a 7 SAUM around the 143g Hammer Hunter bullet. If you are shooting a 7 SAUM with a 21-22in barrel please share your velocity, powder and bullet weight.
  4. E

    Berger 7mm 195 Elite Hunter Bullets (200)

    Berger 7mm 195 Elite Hunter Bullets (200). new unopened. Just trying to get exactly what I paid for them which is $140 shipped.
  5. Bghunter338

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 Saum ammo

    I have 200 factory Remington 150gr Core lokts. Will sell the whole thing for $550. That comes out to $55 dollars a box of twenty. When Midway sells it for $68.99 for a box of twenty. I'm selling the whole thing at once or you can purchase a box of 50 at a time. They will come in MTM ammo box's...
  6. J

    7 SAUM Load with 175 Elite Hunters

    Like the title says does anyone have a load worked up for a 7 saum using the 175 elite hunters?
  7. S

    Stiller TAC-30 7saum,180 pcs of brass, built by Phoenix Custom Rifles

    As the title says, I am trying to sell my 7saum. Its a perfect time to pick this gun up and get everything ready and dialed in before the hunting season this fall. You can have a custom gun without the extended wait times. Sale does not include the scope and rings shown in the pictures. The...