Stiller TAC-30 7saum,180 pcs of brass, built by Phoenix Custom Rifles


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May 10, 2018
As the title says, I am trying to sell my 7saum. Its a perfect time to pick this gun up and get everything ready and dialed in before the hunting season this fall. You can have a custom gun without the extended wait times.

Sale does not include the scope and rings shown in the pictures.

The gun is a 7saum built on a Stiller TAC30 short action by Phoenix Custom Rifles. It has a Bartlein Sendero contour barrel with 1-9 twist finished at 26 inches. Chambered to SAAMI spec. There is an Area 419 Hellfire self timing muzzle brake. This brake is easily removed as well as its thread adaptor. It has 5/8 threads on the barrel and you could add a thread protector if you want to save a little more weight. It has a Manners MCS-EH1 stock with the Manners DBM mini chassis. I have the stock 5 round mag that came with the chassis and an Alpha mag as well. The Alpha lets you load out longer than the factory mag. Timney 510 trigger. I will update this ad once I get a weight on it. I think its around 9-9.5 lbs without the scope if I remember right.

I will include the Harris bipod currently on the rifle.

Also included is 180 pcs of brass. Some of the brass is 3 times shot, most of it is 2 times shot, some of it is 1 time shot and there is also new brass. Most of the brass is Norma but there are quite a few Nosler brand brass included. I will aslo include my RCBS standard sizing and seating dies.
The gun is a hammer with 168 grain Berger hunting VLDs. I have shot near half MOA groups at 200 yards. I think will some more load development this thing is sub half MOA.

I originally had a different contour barrel but rebarreled it with the Sendero contour. It has less than 100 rounds down the tube.
This rifle makes an excellent long range shooter with great potential as a hunting rifle. There is a lot of bonus items that make this a great deal.

Price is $2900.00 Shipped to your FFL. Lower 48 only
I am not interested in trades. Sale is complete. Not willing to split rifle from accessories and brass at this time.