6.5 x 68 RWS - Two questions

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    Jul 1, 2003
    I am in the process of having a rather nice Holland and Holland 6.5 x 68 RWS rifle renovated. It was offered to me at a very nice price, and had been used for Alpine Chamois shooting.

    I was uncertain initially whether to have it, until I saw the load data for the cartride which is truly impressive. It is a very fast cartridge indeed, and should be good as a long range hunter. It is based on the 8x68 case, so it is kind of like a necked down .300 Win mag minus the belt.

    However, load data is a little sparse on the ground, and I can find no load Data at all with regard to Ramshot powders which a normally use, and which favour my rifles.

    My questions are firstly, does anyone know of a loading for this round, using Ramshot Magnum? I ask, as my .300 Win Mag loves this powder, and I have rather a lot of it. Western Powders were unable to help me, and so any views on this in terms of bullet weights and general experiences would be much appreciated.

    Finally, I am coming to the States on Holiday to Florida shortly. We are statying at Orlando, and then St Petes. Is there a stockist nearby where I may get my hands on a set of 6.5 x 68 loading dies?? I have had no luck over here, and so I figured that I may be better bringing a set home with me if I can find some. Again any help would be much appreciated.


  3. 1894

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    Jan 8, 2004
    Forgive me but it's either the 6.5x68 or the 6.5x65RWS, the x68 is not to my knowledge an RWS offering whereas the x65 most assuredly is. If it is based on the 8x68 it's the 6.5x68.

    Check out the Vihtavuori powders website (on the Lapua site) which has some good data for Viht. It is too much to expect a US powder manafacturer to have data for a cartridge that is not even that widespread in Europe. There will also be data by RWS and Norma. I seem to remember that Norma MRP is more or less unbeatable in this chambering

    Dies can be ordered from Reloading Solutions on 01865 858219, they will almost certainly have brass in stock as Aftab the owner uses a 270BooBoo which uses 6.5x68 brass as the parent. They will also likely have MRP.

    I investigated the cartridge but decided I didn't need the velocity. It needs a 26" barrel to get it's best. Figures are 3,600fps for 100gr and 3,150 or so with 125gr. It is not likely to have a fast enough twist for 140s but you will need to check that.

    Lovely rifle and cartridge.

    Oh and search for Lutz Mollers site in German - a lot of 6.5x68 stuff there. You could do worse than look at the sites that come up from a Google search for 6.5x68.

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  4. Randy in Va

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    Jan 9, 2002
    The 6.5 x 68 S and 6.5 x 68 R are standard RWS rounds and available through my company, Next County Over, effective now. We are RWS brass and primer distributors.
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    Mar 17, 2004
    Hello fellow Brit.. I am currently in the process of looking for a Savage 116 with the intention of building a 6.5x68 on it using a Broder Barrels 5R barrel.
    If you look at the Vihtavuori web site of a copy of thier reloading manual you should find some Data.
    This cartridge was designed for very high bullet speeds ( app. 1200 m/s or 4000 fps) using a 93 grain bullet. It was invented by RWS( as a factory chambering) and was introduced in about 1940. It was introduced along with the 8x68, both using the same parent case, the 6.5 bieng knecked down to accept a .264" bullet.
    As you stated, it is basicaly a magnum cartridge but minus the belt., as the cartridge demonstrates magnum characteristics, with regards to chamber pressure and case volume. The 6.5x68 is the most powerful european 6.5.
    With all the current interest in the 6.5x284 the interest in the 6.5 bullet's is high. The 6.5x68 represents an interesting option. Factory ammo is available from RWS ( RUAG) and was from Hirtenberger but i think they have checked the towel in.
    A popular round for hunting Gams ( chamois), would be a good long range Roe or Sika round in Scotland.
    I can get components and factory ammo here in germany if you need them.. Pete