6.5 x 284 Winchester???


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Feb 28, 2008
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OK for starters, I am unfamilier with this cartrige, and have a couple of questions. I know for a fact it is the winchester and not the norma. So I can't use the norma or lupa brass, correct? I will have to get Winchester 284 brass, and neck down right? Do I need special die's? Have never messed with any wildcat cartriges. I just got the gun off my grandpa. It was a 6.5 JAP I think? He rechambered it a long time ago, I think shortly after the 284 came out. he use to do alot of wildcat's in his day. But unfortunatly his memory isn't what it use to, but he still passes on some very use full info.
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I'm going off memory here, which isn't what it used to be.

I think the Win is lightly larger than the Norma at the base of the body, some thing like .501, .502 for Win and .500 for the Norma. So it is conceivable to get a tight chambered Norma that may have difficulty chambering Win brass. But the Norma brass will chamber in either and just fireform to your chamber.

I have the 6.5-284 Win and have no problem using Lapua brass, as a matter of fact I"m rather fond of the stuff.:D

For the truly anal nitipickers, there are actually two different sized chambers and reamers for the 6.5x284 cartridge. One is based on the Lapua brass dimensions - 6.5x284 norma. The other on 6.5x284 Winchester - winchester brass. The brass is a different in size at the web something like 1 or 2 1/1000s.

I know this because my brother toasted a large lot of 6.5x284 Winchester brass in a chamber cut for 6.5x284 Norma brass - meaning lapua brass. He got exactly 2 firings out of his brand new Winchester brass before the primer pockers were so big they would not hold primers anymore.

Just do yourself a favor when you talk to your smith and tell him which brass you are going to use and he'll give you the right chamber for it.

The same cautionary tale is true when it comes to doing a straight .284 Winchester too. you need to tell your smith which brass you are using...

I thought the win was smaller than lapua. In a tight Match Win chamber, a lapua brass should not fit.

The real difference between the two is the throat lenght. The win is usally cut for a short action and throat lenghts to accept lighter and shorter bullets. throat lenghts around .07 ish.

The Norma is set up for long actions and the throats are set for longer heavier bullets. throats are around the .200ish.

The reason I know this is my barrel maker cut a win chamber instead of a Norma chamber. The Lapua brass fit just fine but the 140 VLDS were seated so low in the case neck it was useless. They throated it to have .190 free bore to seat the bullet where its supposed to be. Shamwoo it was a Norma chamber.

So if you have a Win chamber you can have the throat reamed out, if the barrel twist will handle the heavier bullets.

Hey, new to the site. Notice your post bout the 6.5 and hoping to get some info. Awaiting my new 6.5 and started looking for dies and found all sorts of neck and seating dies. Am looking to get good accuracy and wondering how much difference it makes to spend all the extra cash on comp. or match dies. Been reloading for 5 years but never had to get that in depth for great accuracy, but only shoot out to 600 so I do understand the small things can play a large factor. If you or anybody you know has some advise please let me know.
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