6.5 STW Load data


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Mar 26, 2008
I'm building a 6.5 stw and was wondering if anyone here has one? If so do you have any pet loads? First off for all of those that are going to suggesting a different build or say it's a barrel burner, I DON"T CARE IT'S MY MONEY. I was also curious on what velocity could be abtained with a 140 berger. I couldn't find much data online. Thanks:D
Interesting project! I haven't any load data as I had a bugger of a time getting the velocites I thought I should be getting with the 264 Win Mag and the 6.5 X 300WSM. Oh and fill the case. Long barrels did it in the Win Mag.

I am a handgunner period so the 6.5WSM with faster burning powders just did not get it done ( could not fill case before pressure problems)so had to go to slower than I wanted to go powders.

Actually I would like to help you as I am interested in seeing if you can actually beat the velocities of my two 6.5 larger cases.


Great rifle and one of the best at long range. Mine has a 28" Hart barrel. Accuracy loads in mine top out between 3325 fps and 3400 fps with the 140 grain bullets. I settled on the 130 swift scirroco with a .571 BC at just over 3500 fps. It is a good quality big game bullet. With the 140's I had good results with H-870, RE-25, 7828, Retumbo. Re25, 7828 and magpro with the 130 grain bullet. It is as good as it gets for a long range deer/antelope special out here in Wyoming.
Thanks for the help. I have a 6.5 wsm and love it. Just thought I'd try something else. I should have it done early spring and try the powders you listed. Thanks again.
I worked with the 264 wsm about this time last year and really like that chambering. Accuracy was outstanding but unfortunately I let a guy talk me out of it at the range after I got all the data out of it I wanted. I will probably do another for a personal light mountain rifle. What that STW will do though with a very fast high BC bullet is pretty special. I have my new lathe in my garage now so I can get cranked back up again when I get the house finished around it. My wife says the house finished around it is a good idea.
I would give Retumbo a good try. I have a 264 Win mag with a Shilen 27 3/4" barrel and with the 130 Nosler Accubond bullet I am getting 3350 fps with 66.5 grs Retumbo. By the way I really like that Accubond bullet at least for inside 300 yard shooting of deer. 275 yards is as far as I have shot a deer with it so far but it really does a good job. I killed three others one at 98 and two at 111 yards. Dropped them in their tracks and I even recovered one bullet that traviled the lenght of a buck and was found in the ham. Bullet was a text book mushroom with the lead core still in tact and recovered weight was 71 grs. Deer was shot a 111 yards.
I just built a 6.5-06 with a 27.5 inch krieger barrel. I can get 3250 with 61.0 grs of rel 25 and a 129 gr interlok bullet. zeroed at 300 ,I am 8 low at 400 and only 22 at 500. I have a 7mm ultra mag being converted to 6.5 ultra mag now. Aaah the sport of the chase , the taste of old whisky and pretty woman. what else is there.
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