270 STW Dies and loading data

steve smith

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Jul 4, 2001
San Antonio, Texas
Sorry no load data.

Your best bet on inexpensive dies, would be to use Redding bushing neck dies for 7mm STW. Sub. the appropriate bushing for 270cal and get either the steel or carbide expander ball for 270cal. 7mm STW FL die with expander removed will work for bumping the shoulder back. This is what I use for loading my 270-300RUM. A 7mm RUM bushing neck die w/.297" bushing and 270cal carbide expander and 7mm RUM FL die for ful length sizing. Though my rifle has a tight neck @.300" and loaded round measure .299" @ the neck. So I don't even use the expander any more. Neck tention on fired cases is the same before sizing as it is after. So realy no sizing is required, but it is a force of habbit.

The only other alternative I know of is to have custom dies made, but that's expensive.

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