5x5 80 yards from my house!!


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Mar 2, 2012
You should have seen my face when i saw this 5x5 whitetail on my trail camera, just 80 yards from my house!! I saw a lot of does, a little spike, and a small 3x3, then this guy pops up on my screen. The only problem is he is coming in 1 hour and 45 minutes after shooting light. He better say his prayers and enjoy his last thanksgiving cause either my dad or i am going to him with bow, even if it means sitting outside waiting in 0* temps.
The way Len shows how to do it somewhere on this website, it says its too large so i need to shrink it.
open you pics in "paint" on your computer, reduce the size, save it, then upload it onto the host website of your choice. I use photobucket. copy the image properties from that site, then post here.
alright i think i got it, uploaded straight from paint. i included two pics of the next biggest buck, a 4x4.


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