475 Yard Buck Fever

Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
It happens to all of us no matter how many big bucks you've shot. Here's Dan who came unglued on an easy 475 yard shot. He managed to finally pull it together and let the air out of this PA buck.

"It happens to all of us"

Go ahead I been patietly watchin the Bear forum for the "I know a guy" thread....:D

I already cooked up myself a brand new never used excuselightbulb
sorry, but i dont call that buck fever at all. thats just a miss at a moderate distance. I wouldnt call it an easy shot either, 475 across a draw through some trees . you never know when a bullet will nip a twig. first shot is not at an ideal target...but the 2nd shot looks like it hits him in the liver or even the hind quarter. With as loud as you guys were talking, I might have manuvered for a more broad side 1st shot at or inside 400. The deer obviously didnt see, hear, or care that you were around.
This was my uncle doing the shooting who has been long range hunting since back in the 70's. We've taken 100 times harder shots than a deer bedded down with very little limbs around. During the spring and summer we practice killing ground hogs out to 1000 yards and sometimes further. We have very little trouble killing chucks which are alot smaller than a deer. To most of us that have hunted long range for years 475 yards on a bedded deer is an easy shot. Yes, the deer wasn't perfectly broadside and moving to get a better shot angle was not an option. Were sitting on a point with just a few trees removed to give us a view. We hunt what's considered static. It's alot different hunting here in the east than out west. Our mountains are fully covered with trees and finding an opening and waiting for the shot is just how we have to do it. Yes, the shot was a little far back and believe me he's gotten his share of rippings for shot placement. This deer knew someone was near. I have about 6 minutes of him laying in his bed switching his ears and turning his head looking for the sound but he wasn't too concerned as he never got up. It's amazing that at 475 they can here us but we've watched deer at about 800 yards turn their ears and look for the sound. We don't try to be stealthy as we're long range hunting, hell we have a nice camp fire going right behind us and we socialize while we hunt. That's part of how we do it. This wasn't one of my custom guns nor was it one I even worked on. This is a straight factory sendero in 300 Win Mag shooting 180g Noslers. This buck was a 21 1/2" wide 8 point, I'd have gottena little nervous too if it was me who was behind the trigger, but at 475 yards he should have had no problem dropping that bullet in right between his shoulders. Just a case of buck fever.:rolleyes:
A buck like that and at that distance I would have been nervous also. Buck fever or not, the deer was successfully harvested. Enjoy the video. Looking forward for the pictures.
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