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May 2, 2004
Lets say I have a .375" 300 gr Accubond leaving the muzzle at 2800-2900 fps and is my do all bullet of choice,
BUT .... I plan on shooting the 350 gr SMK, TSX and other heavy/ier, longer bullets as they come into my possesion....

the question is ?? what would be the proper twist rate that will work for 300 grain and up at the velocities mentioned above ? 10 twist ? 12 twist ?

I like cut rifled barrels, but most require 1/2 a year wait or are not taking orders, out of the button rifled barrel makers , who makes the better .375 bbls ?

I don't intend to use bullets lighter than 300 grains..

my wildcat dimensions have been finalized and the reamer ordered, need to get a barrel order in soon,
Not sure what wildcat you are doing but I'm working on a 375wsm and all the info I got was with a 1/10 twist using a 300 grain bullet. I'm going with a Pac-Nor polygonal 10" twist finishing out at 26"
I apologize for the questions, just curious and need info....
Reason for the choice of polygonal over Pac-Nor's button 6 groove ? velocity ?

Any idea as to how much velocity increase the polygonal rifled bbl will provide over a cut 5R or button 5C ?

Bartlein & Krieger is too long of a wait, Rock Creek not taking orders, Brux only do 12 twist, no experience with Satern cut bbls.

I was thinking a Broughton but 12 twist only and they don't do 5C in .375,.. Hart 12 twist only
McGowan ????? Spencer ???? Schneider ???? no experience with them !
might have to resort to a Lilja or Pac-Nor !!

Did some reading on the polygonal and I admit it has me interested, anybody here with any experience with Pac-Nor's polygonal rifling ?

texas :
my wildcat is off the 338 Norma Mag..
.342" neck and 35 degree shoulder
ballistically equivalent to the 375 RUM
There's a thread in Gubsmithing, "SHORT lead time for Benchmark Barrels" by 'deadlift'. He says "3-4 weeks". Benchmark has been making excellent RF barrels for years, I'd expect nothing less from their CF barrels.
My 375 rum improved (tejas) has a 1-10" twist hart barrel and shoots the 260 grain accu bond, 300 grain sierra game king and the 350 grain match king all very well.
338 Bruce:

I have a Hart in my 300 Tomahawk and it is very accurate...

was your 10 twist .375 bbl a special run ?
looking at the Hart website they only list 12 twist in .375

final Q... Is the Pac-Nor polygonal hammer forged ?
the info I get seems thats the way polygonal rifled bbls are made
standard twist in 37 cal. is 1-12". If sierra wants a faster than standard twist they usually list it, so it should be good to the 350 matchking if you can get over 2400 fps or so with it . they don't list a twist requirement....

Bullet NameDiameter inchesWeight grainsSectional DensityBallistic Coefficients.375 dia. 350 gr. HP MatchKing
.375 350 .355 .805 @ 2,200 fps and above
.780 between 1,700 and 2,200 fps
.720 @ 1,700 fps and below
I have a Brux 1-10" on my 375 BME. Running 350gr MK at 2950 the faster twist wasn't necessary, just wanted it. It was a special order.

Check out Benchmark as well. I have 3 or their barrels and they're all top notch. I would take that leade time with a grain of salt though. Mine took considerably longer.

I contacted Benchmark and Broughton by email and both responded within a few hours, which was way cool !!

My email to both.....

"I have heard a lot of good things about your barrels on the shooting forums,
I'm currently in need of a high quality barrel for a wildcat .375 based on the .338 Norma Mag case...
what I need is a 29" blank 10 twist 5c .375 in Rem Varmint contour with straight flutes to finish at 28" with the extra inch left on to machine a muzzle brake into..
is this something you can help me with?"

here are the responses !

"You are in luck. I ordered a 10 twist button last week. We should be able to have you a barrel in 4-5 months."

Tim North
North Mfg. Co., Inc. / Broughton 5C® Rifle Barrels
P.O. Box 1010
Campbellsport, WI 53010
920-922-4882 / fax 920-922-4894
Broughton Rifle Barrels by North Manufacturing Co., Inc.

"'I have you in, we are running about 6-8 weeks."


Benchmark Barrels
1105 Pioneer Highway East
Arlington, Washington 98223 USA

Benchmark Barrels - Home
Telephone: 360-652-2594
email: [email protected]

I'm getting one of each !!!!

You mentioned Satern barrels earlier, and they are first rate. I have or have used at least 20 or more, and they've all been top notch. No hesitation at all in recommending them, and they can do whatever you'd like in the way of twists.
Chris from Benchmark called me on Friday Dec. 14th at 2 pm Alaska time and freaked me out !
He tells me he has a barrel ready for me made to my specs !
I was floored but quickly got out my cc and paid the man !

Can't beat the service and wait time !! 2 days! lol !
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