.375/416 Barret?


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Jan 5, 2007
I have been pondering a .375 Cheytac or .375 Am as a big brother to my .338AM, but got side tracked a little. I do not know a thing in the world about the 416 Barret. It is bascically a .50BMG shortened and necked down to .416 from what I read on wickpedia, but with about 40 grs more capacity than the 408 based cases. It has me really wondering what a .416 case with minimal body taper and a sharper shoulder would do when necked to .375.
Here are my questions?

1. Downfalls of the .416 brass problems etc.?

2. Rocky Mountain RBBT bullets ? I have used a few in a buddy's 375 CT, seem to shoot okay any idea on performance on big game?

3. Reloading stuff? I have never dealt with .50 BMG sized cases. What am I going to need for trimming cases, priming them etc? What primers do they use?

4. I am thinking about a McMillan big .50 repeater action, any experiance?

5. Probably a Lawton 10 Twist .375 would get used since I do not plan on shooting solids. That sound about right as far as twist?

6. I know I will not make weight in some states as far as legal for hunting. How many states have weight restrictions?

7. Is this just a bad idea?

8. I know I will have to have a finish reamer ground and a reamer for a sizing die, anything else that I would need to get on order?

Any input is appreciated, especially contact info for anyone who has tried this.
Not nessary. The action will be huge and the cartridge way overbore. The 375 cheytac makes more sense in that you can get brass and its a lighter weight gun that is proven. That being said go for it and post pictures...........
Actually a 408 barret makes more sense.
To some like me there is no such thing as to overbore!!:D

I like the sounds of it. The only thing that would scare me is brass availability.
Not really concerned with barrel life. I have plenty of guns, and barrels are not too expensive. If I decide to do it, I will go ahead and buy enough brass to wear out a barrel or two. Right now I am leaning very much toward going ahead and ordering a reamer. The main thing holding me back is the cost of that action. I have never paid that much for an action.
In the long run the cost to keep that barrel toasty will more than surpass the cost of the action. Go for it...we want to see pics>
I may have found a complete gun with the action that I want, that would save me a good bit of money to build this. I am still waiting to hear some more info on the quality of the 416 brass before I pull the trigger, so to speak. I can get enough brass to wear out a barrel or two for about 625 bucks assuming 5 reloadings. Anyone with info on the quality of this brass. Being that this is an unusual build the brass will be the first thing I buy.
Okay no one talked me out of this insanity. I bought a donor rifle this morning....heading over to barrets website to buy my brass now. I will let yall know how this works out.

Any suggestions on shoulder angle? Case taper? Freebore? Name?
I hope this goes good for you. Some of the problems I can see include the projectile for hunting applications.

I was in love w/ this cart since I first heard of it. Then I started reading on Sniper's hide and they blasted it favoring the chey-tac. I hope to see some awsome results from yours in a few months.

one problem I can see would be w/ the primer. Generally speaking smaller primers and flash holes are preferred for target rifles. However, I guess proportionately it may be fine lol... that's one big case.
good luck, Mark.
Congratulations on the rifle purchase. Keep us posted and when you get a chance post some pics.
McMillan repeater. I think I have a deal on a complete .50 cal rifle built on the action I want, but have not heard back from the seller. I will probably switch back and forth with the .50 barrel.
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