Build a 375/416 Barrett?


Oct 10, 2005
I tried doing a search and couldn't find much info on this cartridge. Has anybody experimented much with it? I was thinking about putting a new barrel on an EDM Windrunner and seeing what kind of speeds I could get from it. Maybe 3400 fps with a 350 SMK. I'm sure it would be a barrel burner but what a fun way to burn a barrel. Are 350 SMK bullets hard to come by? Can you only buy them through Cheytac? I'd imagine this thing would be supersonic past 3000 yards.
Working on it, I am thinking it would push the 350SMK over 3500 if it were improved. JUst sent payment off for my donor gun today.
It would be nice if Berger would produce a VLD for the .375 and if Hornady produced an Amax. I haven't been able to find a soft bullet with a high BC for my .375 RUM for shooting game at long ranges- not that I need to be using the .375 in this way, I just thought it would be interesting.
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