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Mar 10, 2002
Hey There

I was given a Sako TRG-S in .338 LM in a trade last week. I've been reading up on it and it seems several of the people on this list have experience with this rifle. The rifle is stock, and has never been fired.

I was wondering what improvements these rifles might need, I noted some of the archived posts about stock splitting problems but also noticed not everyone has had this problem. Any other points of concern?

Also, to what range will this rifle take deer/antelope sized game? How about Elk? I realize there are various factors (scope, pill weight and design, my shooting ability, etc) in any rifles ability to be used at long range. I'm just trying to get an idea of what this rifle is capable of, everything else aside.

This is my first post to this site, I've found tons of info, thanks!
I have two 338 Lapua TRG-S rifles. I bedded both of them as best I could with that goofy lug system they have. Some modifications at my farm took out 350 yards of my range and now the longest target is only 650 yards. At that range both will shoot very well for hunting accuracy. The problem I have though is the action screws keep backing out even after lock tite. The torque on these screws is critical for accuracy and after a few shots they loosen and the groups spread. If anyone has accurized one of these rifles please jump in here and offer some advise before I make good on my threat of using super glue on them. They have a 1-12 twist from the factory and mine will not do well with the heavy high BC bullets available. They shoot the nosler 200 grain ballistic tips very well though and they are devastating on big game however loose velocity fast at the extended ranges. They do require a muzzle brake to be fired accurately at long range. They will knock your shoulder off without one. The 338 lapua cartridge is capable of taking elk at ranges far exceeding the capabilities of this rifle. The lightweight bullets it is twisted far limit you from using very high BC bullets that can reach extreme distances.
Hello LTLR

Contact Bernie Klocko at [email protected].

He is a gunsmith and Vice Pres. of the 1000 yard club we shoot at in Williamsport, PA

He works with a lot of those actions on custom guns. When he buys a full rifle the first thnk he does is to put a new correct twist barrel on for the heavier bullets, a new stock and he also barrel blocks the outfit into the new stock at times.

Last year he mentioned some of the problems you are experiancing. He said he can't seem to get the accuracy out of them the way they come from the factory because he also likes the heavier match bullets with a high BC. The factory twist is wrong for them.

Darryl Cassel

When you figure out the answer on the loose action screws please post your findings here. I am just now having a custom 30-378 made up using a TRGS action.

Regarding the action screws.
I believe it is because of the factory stock and the torque caused by the big 338.

It doesn't seem to do it with a McMillen stock.

fwiw--I have the trgs in 30-378. it's accuracy is not astounding. it doesn't like long bullets either. It seems to like 150's and 125's. (theres a great big game combo--high speed and a 125 ballistic tip ha ha). Anyhow it seems to do pretty well with 150 xlcs but needs the bore fouled with a dozen shots before shooting about 4-4.5" groups at 300 yds. I'll watch for the magic answer too. My gunsmith commented that the recoil lug is "mickey mouse" for such a potent caliber.
Just got my AWM in 338 Lapua and boy is it ever SWEET. Awesome rifle and caliber to shoot. Amazingly little recoil, truly amazingly little. It's the first high caliber/large bore rifle that has such high muzzle velocity that with my NXS set at 22x, I can actually see the bullet impacting in the burm (at 100yrds) before my scope recoils away from the target (I see it in the bottom of the scope before it recoils out of the field). Was talking to Warren the other day and he says that his 200 gr J36's will quote "knock the **** outta elk". So I guess that pretty much says it all. Enjoy!
Action Screws - I would put a "lock" washer under them, if that doesn't work get a "allen" head bolt with a lock washer. But don't use the Stainless steel washers.
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