338 Lapua Mag is done


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Jan 4, 2006
Mechanicsburg. Pa.

Just got the barreled action back yesterday and put it together last night.
American Precision (formaly Patriot Arms) did the chambering and assembly and brake.

Planning to break-in the barrel this Sunday and will get a feel for recoil, and such then.
The gun weighs 16 pounds as you see it in the photo. Most of the weight if front so the bipod shouldn't kick around much.

The only thing I kinda am kicking myself about is the 1:12 twist rate. At the time I just didn't think I could move the 300 grain SMK's that fast due to the short 20 inch barrel and opted to go with the 1:12 for 150 SMK and 225 or 250 Nosler AB's for hunting rounds. Now I know about the 265 grain Hensen bullets so could have probably went with the faster twist. Oh well, it will be cheaper to shoot the Sierras and Noslers anyway.
I wanted a .338 capable of going out to 800 yards on large game, and to 1K with the SMK's for fooling around with. I'm pretty sure it will do that. If I can get the 225's up to 2900 fps I would be extactic. The 250's at 2800 would be great as well. We will see.

The short list of components is as follows:
Stiller Predator EXtreme oversized action
Bartlein 20 inch .338 1:12 twist
APA Fat Bastard Brake
Jewel trigger
McCree aluminum stock
US Optics 3.2-17 ffp scope
Seekins rings
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Wow, American Precision told me about a fella who they built a 18.5 inch barreled Lapua Mag for that has taken game out beyond 1K meters.

Sounds like I may be able to make and exceed the speed I was hoping to get.

thanks for the info.

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