338 AX XP-100 with 300 SMK's


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Got some more shooting and cleaning in today with the 33AX XP-100, with the 300 SMK's. Recoil was noticeably stronger. Shot a couple of 5-shot groups @ 100 yards with groups hovering around 1/2 inch (one group under while the other slightly over). Shooting off of a bench with a Harris BR bi-pod.

Barrel is cleaning up good now, which is pleasing to see as well.
Don't think this is a prairie dog rig, but I can't wait to get it set-up on steel. Recoil is about twice as much as my 7mm Dakota.
Ernie, what kind of muzzle velocity can you get out of a fire spitting dragon like that using the 300 gr. SMK?

It's gotta be nice!
not even them MONSTER PD's,
sounds like it's going tobe a shooter, look forward to hearing more.
Your dakota didn't recoil too bad, are you using a rifle scope? I think I see anouther elk in your future :)
Very cool, Ernie!
No reason you couldn't use it on p-dogs if you felt like it. By my calculations you should have enough fpe for a clean kill of a p-dog out to about 4500 yards +/-!
Yes, but I haven't chronoed it enough to get a good sense of MV.
A load I chose for barrel break in is running 2610.
But I haven't had it out since last week
Thats interesting, the hottest velocity that is listed on the Hodgdons web page for a 300 gr SMK out of a 338 Lapua RIFLE was 2677 fps with US869. Just think you will match that or exceed that with a handgun length barrel, not to bad at all!!!

Keep us posted with your results.
A video of that beast going off a couple of times would be exciting...Any chance of that in the near future?
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