338/378 300gr SMK Data

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    Jun 12, 2001
    The barrel is a 32.5" Pacnor, and a 300gr SMK over 118gr H870 OAL 4.100" averaged 2937fps at +32°F. BC averaged .863 for three shots with a high of .883 and low of .844. Pressure averaged 59,400psi with a high of 61,400 and low of 57,800. Measurements taken with an Oehler M43.


    500 bullets came in the mail from Sinclair this week so testing will be finally getting off the ground at some long distance now.

    The muzzle break is outstanding and in the Choate stock (heavy) it is very easy to shoot, about the same as a light 308win.

    We'll see how the drop chart works out now. As I've posted in the optic section we've got an scope ring problem to resolve first though.

    I'm very impressed with this cartridge. For a factory loading it is no doubt an all around cost effective SUPER Performance hands down winner.

    Figured out how to scan this paper and post it so here it is.

    The .768 written in pen next to the BC is what we had our drop chart printed for at the time, an estimate based on Darryls experience etc.

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