.308 w/IMR4895 and 180gr charge questions

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  1. fastex500

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    Dec 15, 2010
    Hey guys (and gals)! New to the forum but long time shooter, and have learned a ton from reading the forums here! I am just getting started in loading rifle, but I have been loading pistol and shotgun for quite a while.

    I am shooting out of a savage 10 twist 22". My dilemma is that I have found a broad range of powder charges for the above mentioned combination (.308/IMR4895/180gr). I have both Sierra Game Kings and Hornady SST's.

    Sierra says 36.7 - 41.5gr of powder
    IMR says 40.5 - 44.7

    And I have found loaders online that list anywhere from 40 - 47gr (crazy)

    The brass I am using now is 1x trimmed Win brass + Win LR primers. COL 2.80"

    What do you guys say is safe in a bone stock .308? My load objectives are 100 - 300yd target, and then ~100yd medium game (whitetail, pig, etc).

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  2. Kevin Thomas

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    Feb 16, 2009
    The long-time favorite national match load in the 308 Win was about 41 grains of 4895 under a 168; good velocity and outstanding accuracy is the norm. Stepping up to a heavier bullet like the 180, you'll be okay there (not a hot load with a 168) but I wouldn't stretch it too far above that. I'd steer clear of that 47 grain recommendation. Wouldn't want to sit at the bench next to him, either, if you get my drift.
  3. fastex500

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    Dec 15, 2010
    Thanks Kevin! That was kinda my thought as well.

    I had loaded some batches ranging from 40.5 to 42.5 in steps to try. So I'm thinking I may need to pull the 41.5 and up loads..... What got me wondering was the fact that the powder in the 42.0's and up seem compressed (can't hear loose powder when I shake the cartridge).

    This is why I ask first. Thanks!
  4. Nomad

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    Jul 1, 2007
    In a 308 shooting a 180gr bullet you may want to look at RL-17. Lots great information on snipershide web site, have used it in a 308 of mine with good results start low and work up to when you get the group you want watching for pressure signs..
    You will greatly surprised at both groups and velocity....
    My 308 load has come to within 25 fps of my 06 load its shooting 56gr of H4350 win cases WLR
    topped with an Accubond 180gr 22" barrel..and a 22"on the 308 1/10 twist on both Fed Brass,
    210M, and Speer 180gr spbt......
  5. backwoods83

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    Jan 8, 2011
    If you have any RE15, Imr 4064, or varget sitting around I think that you would be happier running compressed loads of 1 of those powders, more velocity and likely no difference in accuracy.
  6. Bart B

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    Dec 25, 2005
    Kevin's right about putting 180's atop 4895 in a .308 case.

    Some of the US military teams did it regularly. They'd pull the 172-gr. FMJBT match bullets from 7.62 NATO M118 match ammo and replace 'em with Sierra 180-gr. Match Kings. The powder in the case was 41 to 42 grains of IMR4895. An excellent load for long range use. Talked with SSG Arpail Gapol (US Army Shooting Team) after a match one day about that load. He said not only was it their favorite long range loads but also was excellent at shorter ranges. I tried that same load in a USN built 7.62 M1 Garand and it was very accurate.

    Note that IMR4064 was the favorite with the bolt gun competitors using bullets from 168 to 190 grains in their .308's. 'Twas proved in an arsenal that 4064 was more accurate in both the .30-06 and 7.62 NATO match ammo but charges had to be weighed by hand. 4064 had too long of powder granules to meter as uniform as 4895; the arsenals chose to use that for economical reasons.
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