7mm mag 180gr Berger VLD & 308 w/ 168gr VLD HELP!


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Sep 24, 2009
Hey guys,
I just purchased (on the dealers recommendation even though my barrel has a "9.5 twist") a box of 180gr berger vld hunting bullets for my factory savage 7mm mag.. Anyone got some decent load data & should my barrel stableize these 180's ok?

Also my buddy needs some good loads for his Tikka 308 pushing VLD 168's.

I'm new to loading but my buddy isn't, we are both new to VLD's (not for long though =)

Thanks for the help in advance, this site has some great knowledge!

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I got a response (quickly=) back from Walt & one of the loads on the loadsheet was (7mm mag)- 65gr. of H1000 with an approx. veloctiy of 2800 fps.

For the 308- 42 gr. of IMR 4895 for approx.velocity of 2730fps
Anyone use a similar recipe? I hear that temperature doesn't affect H1000 quite as much as some other powders.. How's the IMR 4895 do with contrasting temps?
Hi, please try to forget all the load from a disc type rubbish which was quoted to you. Your twist rate will be fine but you will need to experiment with velocity as this will have a pronounced effect on bullet stability. In your case, the faster you drive the 168gr VLD, the better.

H1000 is s good powder for the 7mag but it needs a long throated gun and long barrel to do the business. Max charges will be somewhere around 74-76 grains, definitely not 65 grains!. Use a chrony and test loads up to the 3000fps mark while closely watching for pressure signs.

H4831 is the most versatile powder in a short throated factory 7mm Rem mag. Again, work towards 3000fps-3030fps as a goal velocity in a 24" tube.

Be careful not confuse poor bedding with high velocity pressure signs. Many guys new to reloading (I am talking about my clients) will for example, have groups open up dramatically as velocity is increased- then think the rifle is over loaded. In unbedded rifles, the groups often open up to 3MOA+ way before max velocity.

In the .308, use a reloading manual and work up .5gr per test group as normal. Again, very important to use a chrony and have an understanding of pressure signs on the case. In a short barrel tactical rifle, use fast burning power, in a long barrel (24-26"), use Varget.

Hope that helps a bit.
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