308 short barreled data question

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    Apr 22, 2010
    Heres the situation. Last deer season I had to take my custom GAP rifle in 338 RUM with a 26 in bull barrel hunting for deer in Wisconsin. Some may say overkill, however sometimes it is neccessary to smash a bug with a sledge hammer. Anyway, as you can imagine it was very cumbersome and difficult to maintain an exceptable amount of silence. So, this year I'm buying a Rem 700 in 308 with a 16.5 barrel. I've owned a 26 inch rem 700 in 308 and have the figures from that. But using that as a baseline would do no good because every barrel, chamber, etc... is different. I'm curious if anyone has any hard velocity data on a 16.5 in barrel from a BOLT ACTION. I am NOT interested in semi auto velocities and please don't waste time posting velocities from two different firearms with varying barrel lengths. I've seen this done on many forums already and it proves nothing except for the general consensus that a shorter barrel will generally produce slower velocity. Lets compare apples to apples. Has anyone taken a 308 and cut the barrel back that far and tested velocities with the same load???