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May 14, 2004
Kansas City
I am on the look-out for a new 308 rifle, I intend to do some hunting with it but I also want to do some serious target shooting. I have researched numerous rifles have have narrowed it down to the following: Tikka T3 Varmint; Kimber Longmaster Classic; and the CZ550 and Savage 12BVSS still in the running. My question to the experts is this: are they all in the same ball-park accuracy wise?
Is any one of these guns head and shoulders above the rest? Weight is not an issue neither is the finish. Any input would be appreciated. Also, I know you Americans like your 30.06 but this brit is quite partial to the 308 so an attempt at conversion would be futile.

This american is also partial to the 308 win. It is truly an amazing round for its size. Its also VERY accurate.

If I were in the market for a new 308, I would concider the Savage 10FPLE2B or the Remington 700 PSS, VS, VLS, or the VSSF. They have all historically performed exceptionaly well.

Once again, welcome aboard.
308 is a great choice.. I feel everyone should have one..

here's the problem with your choices...

I personally don't like savage.. the others are not bad but if I had to pick the CZ would be the only thing I would consider and then I would end up buy a Rem VLS, PSS, or custom.... here's why...

IF you buy stock PSS, VLS etc.. any smith can pretty much "tune" it up for you.. and then when/if you want to build on the acttion most smiths prefer to work off of a Rem....

IF you want to do target shooting and hunting then the savage BVSS is the way to go. Decent target stock on gun as is and pillar bedded already. Good after market stocks. Just add Sharpshooter or Basix trigger and good to go. Readily available 20 MOA bases (Farrel) or go to burris signature rings and the 20+- inserts for 40 MOA. It is showing up on target line more and more for Fclass and LR BR.

as far as accuracy goes across the board, the others are going to be hard pressed to beat the savage.

My first choice would be the 700 PSS as it shoots very good as it comes.It has a 2-1/4 inch wide forend and comes with an aluminum bedding block.Everybody make aftermarket bases and triggers for it and you can upgrade it a piece at a time-bolt bushed-firing pin bushed-Sako extractor-sleeve whatever you wish.
I'm a big .308 fan, and my favorite rifle is a Ruger 77V, which has the heavy varmint barrel. I've shot 2 elk, a 300 lb bear, 6 mule deer, and a TON of whitetails with it. I'm fortunate in that I have a large stash of Lake City Match .308 ammo from my days in the U.S. Army. I pull the 173 grain Lake City Match bullet, and put in a Sierra 168 grain MatchKing. It shoots lights out, and has for over 20 years. Here's a picture of my 2003 Montana mule deer I shot with that gun.

Remington 700 VLS-168 grain Hornady A-max-44.5 grains H-Varget- CCI bench rest primers.
And a large chest freezer for all the game!!

The .308 is a fine round. We all have our favorites and our little pet projects, but nobody here will dispute that the .308 is effective as both a hunting round and a target round.

You listed a bunch of nice rifles. For the money, I would say go with the Savage. I love my custom Mausers, and I'll never enjoy looking at my Savage as much as I do the Mausers. However, my Savage prints one ragged hole - out of the box - and has the sweetest trigger I've ever touched, and that included my Anschutz.

Any of the rifles you listed will be accurate for the right shooter, and with the right loads. Each has its own little shortcomings that may cause one to be more attractive to a person than another.

If you have access to a good gunsmith and the funds to keep the project going, then any of those will work. If not, then get the Savage and go shooting.

The CZ will need trigger work, as will the Kimber. The Savage action will seem a bit rough, and the finish work isn't nearly as nice as the others. My experience with the Tikka is so limited that I'm not going to embarrass myself by commenting on it. All in all, my rifle shoots well for me. If another shooter bought the same rifle, they might not have had the same results with their loads as I found with mine. I know this is vague and probably doesn't help, but there are no absolutes, only opinions. Good luck.
Thanks for all the replies, they were all very helpful. In the end I went with the Remington 700 VLS; it just felt right when I tried it. If you have any suggestions for improving this unit I would love to hear them.

Walk softly and carry a high powered rifle
I don't own a .308 (yet
, but I do own a VLS in .223. That rifle has spoiled me forever! I did rebed my rifle and (Acraglass gel and floated the barrel) and adjusted the trigger. It was also the first rifle I ever owned with a laminated stock. I now have 3. I love the looks and feel of them-also like to work with them, if you are a do-it yourselfer. Mine shoots great and I think the VLS is a bargin. Nice choice. Happy shooting-Duff

I am glad to hear you made a decision. One small word of advice is to find a GOOD smith with a good reputation for working on 700's and have the trigger fine tuned. Remington makes a good trigger, they just set them up lousey. They do clean up really nice though. You shouldnt need to pay more the $50.00 for a good job. I like em set to 2.5# and I like em to break like a glass sliver. Also, for factory ammo, try the federal gold medal match in 155, 168, and 175. At least 1 if not all 3 should shoot real nice in your rifle. If you hand load, try the 155 Scenar's, AMAX's, Palma's, 168 SMK, 175 SMK, and of course the 178 AMAX. Powders like RL-15, VARGET, H4895 and IMR 4064 will all work exceptionaly well in that rifle also.

Good shooting to you!!
...think you made the best choice in the rem vls... might wanna purchase a jewell trigger for your remington, they are the ultimate right out of the box (come with heavier and lighter springs)... you can always re-install the remington trigger if you change rifles... once you shoot a jewell... there's no turning back... oh yeah, in spite of "drop-in" fit, you'll likely have to remove a little wood for proper clearancing, but no big deal... thanks for listening...
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