.308 Norma Mag


Mar 3, 2002
Chicago area
I have come across a .308 Norma mag. and am attempting to build some loads I have a variety of
bullets in .30cal (175 Sierra's and 185 Berger VLD's and some 210 Bergers VLD's) what powders should I be looking at?
I have had good luck in my 30-338 with RL19. I burn 68.5 grains behind a 200 grain sierra to get 2925 fps and very consistent accuracy. You might also try RL22. I live in the Chicago area also. Where do you shoot usually?
Kurt, I shoot at the ISRA range in Bonfield (Out to 300yds) and have a friend in Custer Park, with a
100 yd range we use for load developement..
I have been shooting a varmint match (100-500yd) down in Effingham Il. That is what I want to tune the .308 Norma for...
I have a 30-338, which is pretty much the same thing.
I use IMR4831 at 66.0gr. with a Berger 190 VLD. I seat them .015 into the lands and get 2960 with this load. I have been to 3000 easily but groups opened up so I backed off.
By the way I have a 30", 10 twist barrel.
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