.308 Bullet Test


Jul 17, 2003
I shot these bullet's today wondering what they would do with a water filled plastic barrel. The barrel is I think a 30 gallon 27" tall and 15" wide. First the barrel was standing up and I shot the barrel from 100yds away and 8" up from the bottom of the barrel. The 168gr SMK was the first one to launch off, after firing the bullet it knocked the barrel over full of water and shooting closer to the bottom. I didnt think it would get knocked over! Must be some power there? The 168 SMK entered the barrel going through and hitting the back side punching a hole in the back, but the bullet stayed in the barrel. The Nosler 165 BT did the same thing but knocked a slight bigger hole in the back side. I dont think the BT exited.

This time I layed the barrel down on its side with the bottom side facing me. So I shoot 2 168 SMK's and 2 Nosler BT's this way. The barrel is still full on every shot fired! No bullet got near the other end which this way would be 27" to the other side.

Here are some pics of the left over bullets. The shortest 168 SMK mushroomed bullet was the bullet the got fired while the barrel was standing and hitting the back side punching a hole. The other 2 SMK's that are equally the same mushroom size was shooting into the bottomside of the barrel while the barrel was laying down. I think the SMK's done good on equally mushrooming, notice that the lead is out of the copper jacket? Thats how I found them apart,but they slide back together easy.

The Nosler BT's well not much to say except for serious explosion!
Distance 100yards
2680 Velocity
165 Nosler BT

I think i might use the SMK foe a Deer Load?

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