.308 Ackley Improved???


Aug 14, 2004
Darwin Aust
Does anyone know anything about this chamber? I don't think Ackley ever 'improved' the 308 but I have seen the 'AI' tag given to it. As far as I can tell, it is just the .308 with a 40deg taper and a straighter body. Anyone know??

I need to recut the chamber in my 308 and thought why not the AI over standard?
Being that the 308 is already a very effecient case I don't believe that you would be gaining much velocity at all maybe a little longer case life between trimmings but I personaly don't feel that it would be worth fire forming the cases.

since you'll have to pull the barrel anyway just have it set back and rechambered , maybe with a tight match reamer
Thanks for the help, I thought as much. I checked it out and it only changes the shoulder and straightens the walls a fraction. 50fps velocity gain, longer case life though.. Since i'm already getting 10+ loads from norma cases now, it's not worth it at all!
There is a gentleman by the name of Bruce
Artus in Pueblo Colorado that claim's with
this cartridge he can hit a gong at 4000 Yds.
maybe there is something to it. (riiiight)
Yes, I have seen Bruce's exploits with the improved .308 cartridge, unreal stuff. I believe mid range trajectory to 3000yards is like 440ft above the line of sight! He better not be shooting near any flight paths!
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