300wm Favorite Powders?


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Aug 10, 2017
So today I intoduced a fellow shooter into long range. He is a lease hunter of mine that is very interested in long guns and ballistics. Currently he is shooting a REM700 Long Range chambered in 300wm using 150gr Sierra Game Kings. Good round for central Texas whitetails at short ranges, but as he discovered today, not so much at distance. He is new to reloading, but off to a good start. He used his own loads out to 855yrds with good results, but could be improved upon. Today’s load was 71gr H4350 at COAL 3.340 averaging 3156fps ES 99 SD 29.5 (Labradar). We discussed the different aspects of reloading and lowering the ES/SD and bullet weight/ballistics.

I do not reload for the 300wm so I need powder suggestions for bullets in the 180 to 215gr range. He is on a budget so I’m looking for good terminal ballistics up close (inside 300) but still a viable option for steel out to 1000. Right now I have convinced him to keep his shots inside 300 and practice for 500 for game. He saw first hand what wind can do to a bullet past that.

Thank you for your suggestions


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Aug 8, 2015
New Mexico
I shot H-1000 forever and changed over to N-570.. It dropped my ES and SD and 570 shoots one hole now.. It does burn barrel more but, for a hunting gun the accuracy speaks for itself. H-1000 is a great powder but I just couldn't get the same numbers. 215 Berger and Fed 215 primer.


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