300 WM Case Not Ejecting


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Jan 28, 2019
British Columbia
I have a custom 300 WM with a Rem 700 action. Shot perfectly for 6 months. Then the problem started. With a cold barrel I can put 3 shots down range. On the fourth or fifth shot the case will not eject - the bolt comes back but the case remains stuck in the action. I am using factory ammo Nosler Accubond (tried other rounds and same deal..I have to push the case out with a cleaning rod to get it clear. I thought it might be the case but there are no marks on the brass at all. Before I take it to a gunsmith, has anyone had a problem like this before? How did you resolve it? Why would this happen after 3 or 4 rounds when the rifle warms up? I am inclined to think there is a problem with the action but there are still a few possibilities. Thanks for your advice.
Just to double check - the problem is the bolt is not Extracting the fired case?
Yes, the bolt comes back but the case remains stuck in the action. It's like the bolt is unable to extract the case. As I say though, this only happens after 3-4 rounds have been fired not on a cold barrel
The things I would do are:
1. Check the head space. If it's borderline too long the extractor may have a hard time grabbing the rim.
2. Replace the extractor. Many people hate the Rem 700 extractor, but they have been known to work fine.
I haven't had issues with my extractors and I exclusively use Rem 700s. Headspace check sound like a good idea after a quick borescope of chamber
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