300 wm advice

  1. T

    Picking My .300 WM Scope

    Hey there, Long time shooter, but just getting my first bolt gun for hunting season (and some 500+ yard shooting for fun) Picked up a Bergara B-14 HMR in .300 WM My question revolves around my scope choice. I understand there are a plethora of great scopes to be had in the $700-1,000 range...
  2. C

    300 WM Case Not Ejecting

    I have a custom 300 WM with a Rem 700 action. Shot perfectly for 6 months. Then the problem started. With a cold barrel I can put 3 shots down range. On the fourth or fifth shot the case will not eject - the bolt comes back but the case remains stuck in the action. I am using factory ammo...
  3. Brent21

    Which 300 Win Mag

    Ok guys and gals I am new to this site and I’m needing help. I have done a decent amount of research and have narrowed down my next rifle to these 3 weapons in the 300 WM. Browning Hells Canyon McMillian Ambush LH, Seekins Havak, and I really like Bergara Premire HRM Pro or their ApprochI’m not...