rem 700 action

  1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Remington custom barreled actions $100 off

    we have a Good stock of Rem700 actions building up. check out the link below to see options, be sure to use Promo Code "remsale" at checkout to save $100 on your order! actions are new, and have been trued and lapped, and will come with a new...
  2. C

    300 WM Case Not Ejecting

    I have a custom 300 WM with a Rem 700 action. Shot perfectly for 6 months. Then the problem started. With a cold barrel I can put 3 shots down range. On the fourth or fifth shot the case will not eject - the bolt comes back but the case remains stuck in the action. I am using factory ammo...
  3. moa_shooter

    SOLD/EXPIRED remington action with bolt and trigger L/A magnum

    i am looking to buy a Remington 700 action in the long action magnum and bottom metal if you have it i have a 330$ budget for the action so please help a fella out
  4. B

    6.5 creedmoor by ga precision

    I have a remington 700 action built by matt hoch of GA. No ga stamp only builder stamp. Badger recoil lug, bartlein barrel in Remington varmint contour. I believe its 22 inches if memory serves me correctly. Has 20 moa seekins base and seekins bottom metal. Timney 510 trigger. Bedded in a...

    Rem 700 Action

    Hi! I am looking at Rem 700 actions to put my new Mcgowan 28 Nosler barrel on. What is/is there a difference between the carbon steel, stainless steel or blued action? I really dont know the difference other than the price which is a difference of $50-$80.00. Thanks!
  6. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Rem700/Proof/Carbon fiber, in stock ready for chambers! 3 week lead

    we recently ended up with parts that are not spoken for, this means your rifle can ship in 21days. Here are the specs. These can also be sold as builders kits. Call for pricing Rem700 Stainless Long magnum Action blueprinted/VG2 28oz Carbon fiber stock/Shot caller brake/ Calvin Elite Trigger M5...
  7. M

    Custom Rem 700 6BRDX + extras

    This is Chad Dixon Custom Rem 700 chambered in 6-BRDX ( The reamer specs used used for the 600yd rec set by David Stripling). Receiver: Trued and blueprinted Remington 700, .285 pinned and CNC machine recoil lug Bolt Fluted with large Tsc knob + M16 extractor. Barrel: 30" Bartlein 6mm (.236 -...
  8. xdHammar

    Rem 700 LA for sale or trade

    I have a Rem 700 Long Action for sale and would like to sell or trade it for a Magnum action. Very low round count <50 rounds.