300 win mag ??

7mm mag sendero

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Nov 23, 2009
i'm looking for some match grade ammo or a good load for long range deer hunting.but I seem to hit a wall every step i take I do not have anything to reload.Can any of you help me find an good load???!!.thank you for all you time any info:D
Be patient I'm sure some folks will jump in and lend a hand with some good loads. Also you could start doing some searches here for load info.
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Black Hills ammunition and Federal Gold Match will be your best options for match grade ammo. There is a thread right now giving great advice to reloads. You can pick stuff up online fairly cheap if you want to start reloading.

He's being specific for his barrel, but still will load the same for your rifle as long as you have a 1:11 or faster twist. If it is only a 1:12 (highly doubtful) then you can only go as heavy as 190grn bullet.


I'm shooting the 180gn Ballistic Tip ahead of 75.5gn (Nosler Max) of RL22 and CCI BR2's. I tried Winchester and Remington Magnum primers to start with but the accurcy was not what I wanted. The last time I chrono'd this load was 11-22-09 and it averaged 3093 fps for 5 shots. This velocity was down due to the colder ambient temp. I had chrono'd it at over 3100fps during the warmer months. YMMV. JohnnyK.
My current load for my 300win Sendero II

79.5 grains H1000 - CCI 250 mag primers - 180 grain Barnes TTSX.
Hodgdon lists 81 grains as a max load. I started at 75 grains and worked my way up in .5 grain incriments to 81.

I have shot some 200 grain Federal Premium factory loads thru it with good success. At 200 yds a 4 shot group - they were all touching each other. No chance to try anything further yet.
190gr Berger VLD with 73.5 gr RE22 or 72.5 of H4831sc.
Both shoot under 1/2" at 100 yards out of my Hart barreled trued Remington 700.
My brother shoots RE22 at 73.2 out of his 300 win mag with very good results.
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