300 win mag. loads?


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Mar 25, 2003
I just recently started getting into LR hunting. I am interested to know if anybody has recommendations on loads for a 300 Win Mag shot out of an accurized Model 70. Shots will range from 400 yds to 1000 yds but no further. Thanks
Rem 700, 26" barrel
300 win mag
159gr EXP Groove Bullet
79gr of Rel 22, no pressure signs
CCI-BR2 Primer
Norma Case
3.505" OAL, .015" off the lands
Average Velocity = 3410 FPS
3 shot groups at 100 yards = .375"

As always, start with a lessor powder charge and work up slowly.

This is now my 1000 yard range load for deer hunting.

Shaky, This seems like a very light bullet for that distance. Do you notice any down range problems with penetration?

I have not killed a deer at 1000 yards, yet. My limit as of right now is 650 yards. I don't see the 159gr EXP bullet representing a problem as to penetration out to 1000 yards, on deer. Groove Bullets are relatively new to the market. Once we get more hunters using the bullets I am certain that they will like the results. I am in the final process stages of bringing out a LR bullet for 30 caliber that will be in the 180gr range. This bullet will be for single shot - non repeating type firearms. As soon as I obtain more data, I will be sure to pass it along.

I too shoot a 300win mag for long range deer hunting. My load is IMR 4350, nosler 165gr B.T. seat depth is three thousands off the lands. I shoot a tuned rem40x and have shot six deer with this combo out to six hundred yards. Bullet peformace was great no anminal needed a second shot. No bullets have been recovered all have exited.
Try this one ...
71.0 Gr of IMR 4831
Fed 215M primer
190 gr Sierra Match King
OAL 3.505 (.005 off the lands)
This should give you an average Vel of 2875 fps....at least it does in my gun..a Savage 112 HB SS.It shoots consistently under 1/2 MOA.I also de-burr the flash hole...turn my case necks to .015 and unifrom the primer pockets. I've had NO signs of pressure with this load at all. Hope it works as good for you as it does me.

We need to know the barrel length, twist and animal you are going after, unless I missed that. You say 400 to 1000 yards with a custom, accurized or factory rifle?

Digger has given you the best advice so far from what I read as per the loads I have used and the primer choice for the 300 Winchester mag. He has a factory rifle I believe.

The 190 works very well in a 300 Win mag and bullet choices up to 220 gr work well also.
The 210 Bergers and JLK work extremely well too.

It's hard to beat the Federal primers and the 210 OR 215 will work in the 300 Win mag. I stopped using CCI primers long ago because of hang fires in longrange 1000 yard matches. I know of nobody at Williamsport that usues primers other then Federal or Winchester for match shooting or even LR hunting.

Try the most accurate bullet your rifle likes and go from there.
Check some of the loading manuals and see what they reccomend for a starting load and work up from there.

As an after thought here, If recoil is a factor, the 168 gr Sierra MK may work well in your rifle.

Good luck

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I am not sure of the twist, but the barrel is 26 inches. I will be hunting whitetails in PA.
It's probably a 10 twist and it will work well with the bullets I mentioned.

You might want to try the load and componants that Digger suggested.
190gr MK would work well for your application as would the 210 Berger or JLK.

OK..what about a 24 and 3/8ths in. barrel, 300WM, with a 1 in 11in twist???
Bullet preferences, please.
Mule deer, out to 400 - 500 yds.
Probably a 168gr ot 175 gr will work better for the 11 twist barrel. There are those however who shoot 200 gr and 220 gr in 11 twist (30" Long) or 1000 yd matches.

Thanks Darryl, I have about 100 rounds through is rifle.
150, and 180gr. is all Ive tried so far.
It would seem, that the MK's, have given the best overall performance.
Big surprise!!..LOL....Man, I love Sierra bullets..sakofan...
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