300 rum and varmint hunting

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
I am currently building a 300rum rifle out of a sendero. I am currently loading 220gr and 190gr sierra matchkings. In 2 weeks I will be going to a northern part of maine and will be bringing up my rifle. will also get the opportunity to hunt coyotes at night. will the sierra bullets perform on coyotes or should I load some nosler ballistic tips (125gr) for the occasion?
180 gr. Scirroccos do a number on groundhogs,You get the "Red Mist".
I dont think it will matter what weight of bullet hes going to use, there all going to blow holes in the hide. The 125's going 3900fps are going to blow a gaping hole, probly the whole thing in half, I know for a fact what a 200g SMK does to them and lets just say its not pretty. Your 190g will work AWESOME on them I'm sure, I cant comment on the heavier 220g though.
i use the 220's for everything, because its my deer hunting load, and all the rest is just practice for that. as far as damage on varmits, i think it all depends on where you hit 'em. i've blown some apart, but i've also put pencil holes thru them too.

sounds to me like I don't have to load special varmint loads. that is good. I am not planning on keeping the pelts. My brother in law may if the pelt is worth it.
just seems to me the the 125gr BT would be very explosive at that velocity. (3800-3900 f/s).
I have been reading a few posts that the MatchKing is a great round for deer hunting also. is that the concensus?
has anyone tried the Berger VLD bullets. I used to target practice with these in my 7mm rem and they were very very accurate. Berger even told me that hunters liked them for hunting deer but this was not what they were designed for. I have been trying to access their website. not working for me for some reason.
Dr. John,

I've used both the 180 and the 162 Amax on coyotes. Both work great, provided you limit your shots to Over 300 yards and don't hit any big bones.

Otherwise, you will need a needle and a couple of spools of thread to save any fur.

Ive used the 125gr in my .308 im running them at 3200 and i haven't had any of them exit on game larger than a woodchuck, and when i shoot 2lt water bottles, they never touch the second bottle, I think you might be able to get away with the 125, as tim said dont take shoulder shots or you'll have a mess,

Good Luck,
Dr. John, if you are interested in keeping the pelt in one piece, have a look for the Lapua FMJ match bullets. They will not expand, maybe tumble, but should still be lethal on coyotes.

Otherwise, all the bullets you mentioned will make a large impression/depression in any doggie you hit.

Enjoy the hunt...

In my expierence the berger bullets put pencil holes in animals unless you shoot them in the sholder. For long range target shooting use the bergers and match kings. For hunting shoot nosler, hornady, and swifts ballistic tips. The new bonded bullets also work great. In my expierence with shooting critters hunting bullets works best. and for target shooting target bullets perform wonderfully. Reed
Personal opinion/experience here:

If you use a FMJ of any Caliber, on a coyote. You better have a hound ready to do some trailing. They tend to push straight through, and the coyote runs like hell for close to half a mile.
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