300 RUM, 220g SMK range results

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by remingtonman_25_06, May 9, 2004.

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  1. remingtonman_25_06

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    Jun 4, 2003
    I got a chance to test out some new loads for my .300 RUM. It is a Rem 700 LSS. Complete factory except trigger down to 2 3/4 lbs. I tested the 220g SMK and H-1000. The first load I tested a while back was 82.4g of H-1000, Fed 215, 3.66" and the others were at 3.670". The 3.66" load shot 1 inch with all 3 shots being evenly placed horizontally. The 3.670" put 2 shots touching and the 3rd a flyer 1 inch low. They were chronographing at 2785fps. After doing more research and asking some questions, I found a new starting point. I went up to 88g of H-1000 since several people were going up to 92.5 and 92 grains, I felt 88g was a good place to start. I also made a switch in primers to see if they would make any difference. I used CCI BR-2 primers. Loads go as follows

    88g H-1000 First 2 shots were *Rule 4 Violation* near 1
    CCI BR-2 hole. The 3rd was the 3051fps
    3.75" and it was a flyer at 1 inch
    3020fps high and 1 inch left.

    90g H-1000 It was a 2 inch group in the
    CCI BR-2 form of a triangle. It just
    3.75" didn't shoot.

    91g H-1000 First 2 shots were *Rule 4 Violation* near
    CCI BR-2 touching. 3rd shot was a big
    3.725" flyer at 1.5 inches low and 2
    3075fps inches left.

    92g H-1000 1st and 3rd shot were 1/2 inch
    CCI BR-2 2nd shot was a flyer at 1 inch
    3.735" low and 2 inches right.

    That was all that I tested. I dont really know what load to use. The difference in fps between 88g and 92g is only about 75fps. They all seem to be somewhat consistent. The 91g load had a spread of 10fps. The 92g load had a spread of 11fps. The other 2 had 2 shots real close and consistent, group wise also, but the 88g and 90g load each had the 1 bad one in the group for velocity. I think what I will do is work with the 88g load as 3025fps for the 220g SMK is plenty fast for my 26" barrel. I will work with seating depth A LOT. Maybe switch primers, but I think I want to stay around 87-89g and 3000fps and an OAL of 3.75" Note: It is being used as a single shot as the length will not permit it to fit in the magazine box. If anybody has any oppinions or anything they want to throw in, I would appreciate it.