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Apr 21, 2002
south dakota
can some one out there help me with a good long rang load for 800 to 1000 yards for this Weatherby i was trying barn 160 grain with RL19 but im not inpressed with itnull
Nosler BT, or Hornady SST bullets in 165 or 180 over H870, lit by a Fed 215M or CCI LR magnum primer. Has worked very well in a friends gun.

Sub MOA at 700yds. he didn't paper beyond that but the small rocks he hit indicate accuracy was continuing way out there.

Those bullets will be more then enough to end the day of any herbivore we have on this continent. Don't use them for shots inside 200yds unless you want to risk bullet blow up and a lot of bruised meat.

Good luck...


Good luck...

I tried a lot of propellants in my 30-378 but Reloder 25 was the only powder that gave me the velocity of the factory ammo and pressures appeared to be low to moderate.

I also had very consistent velocities and good accuracy with Rx25 too.

I've been using the Nosler 180gr Ballistic Tip bullet but certainly intend to go with a Sierra MatchKings next time I take it hunting due to what I've read here.

I can't wait to get my hands on Hodgdon's new Retumbo Powder but haven't seen any yet.

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