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Mar 15, 2004
Just wondering why i never see or hear about anyone using a 30-06 or .270 winchester for long range. Wouldnt the 30-06 fall somewhere in between the .308 and the .300 winchester? Is there a certain reason these cartridges arent used alot(that i know of)
I don't have one, if I did I'd use it or sell it!! I believe it's about the same for most of the folks here. (I can't find match grade over-the-counter 30-06 ammo either, another reason I don't spend too much time looking for a 30-06.)
Hi PA Hunter,

From what I understand there's virtually no difference in 30.06 & .308. The .308 has a higher pressure to keep up with the extra case capacity of the 06.

No difference except like all calibers the shorter fatter cartridges seem to outperform the longer, and older cartridges. But not always.

Just my 2 cents worth!

Ive been using an 06 for long range for years. i use hornady 180gr BTSP light magnum ammo, its been very accurate in 2 barrels i've had on the rifle so far. i get 2820 FPS from a 22" barrel. its not as fast as the handloads in my mates 300wm, but its faster than some of the factory loads he shoots through it, certainly more oomph then a 308.
I personally think it's because target shooters are a finicky bunch and always looking for something better? I have never shot an '06 that wouldn't shoot with a little work, but the same goes for my .308 Winchesters. My '06 does handle teh 180 and 200's better. I have not shot the heavier 30cal slugs yet. I for one love the old '06, but mostly just 30cal in general.
The 30-06 with a 30 inch barrel and 60-61 grains of RE22 will push a Sierra 190 matchking at over 2900 fps and best accuracy is right at 2850 fps.This combo will absolutely run circles around the 308 Winchester.The 308's popularity is simple cheap surplus ammo just like the 223.Accuracy is plenty good and one was shot at the 2002 NBRSA Nationals were it didn't finish to bad.
I get 2907fps with moly'd 190gr SMKs, over 62gr RL22, from my 26" barreled 30-06. No signs of excessive pressure at all. Accuracy is consistently sub MOA.

The pic is an accuracy load, using RL15.


I've been waiting for you 30-06 guys to come out!
I do all my big game hunting with 30-06, Moose down to White Tail Deer. Gotta love that '06!!

I have a old 03-A3 that I put a new 30 inch barrel on. I kept the old original Redfield Olympic peep sights on it just because nobody else at the range uses them. If I do my part correctly I can achieve .250 three shot groups. Not to bad for an old 06.
I use H4831 under a Nosler Boat tail match 150gr. bullet. Not even sure if they make them any longer. Had several 1000 of them on hand so thats what I use.
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