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  • Do you still have the Remington 700 5R 300 win mag for sale
    Arthur Stank
    My sale item was a Ruger #1 "BARREL" in .300 WM. I may have answered this by mistake, I apologize if I did.
    Sam have you found a stock yet? I would work with you on my HS Precision stock if you want it. I live in GSO area of NC
    Ok so far I only found 2nd's 168gr Ballistic Tips (6-50 count bags) and 180 gr Solid Base (20- 50 count boxes) over runs. I'm not sure what quantities you want. Also I have to see if the Post Office would ship.
    below is a copy and paste from my armslist ad.
    1) bell and carlson BDL sporter stock, long action with aluminum bed
    1) aics 5 round magazine (300 WM, 338 WM, 7mm RM)
    1) pacific tool and gauge detachable magazine base metal and 2 bolts
    1) i am throwing in a factory 7mm rem mag barrel that i dont believe was ever shot.
    text me at 631 294 0994 for more pics. asking $400 + shipping
    Thanks, Rob

    interested in B&C take off from remington 700 long range?

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    I may be can you send me some pictures of it?
    Sure. This isn't my exact rifle, but this is how it looks. The rifle has roughly 65 rounds through it so it looks brand new. There is a scratch on the front end of the bottom metal that I forgot about, but other than that no other flaws. I believe they are around $285+ shipping brand new. How does $175+ shipping sound.

    For just deer and bear, assuming the shots are going to be within 3-400 yds, I like the 25-06 with a 115gr. bullet. Preferably a Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Hornady ELD, Accubond or Swift A Frame. Berger Classic Hunter would work well too.
    Sit down and take a good long look at the RUGER 204
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    That’s a good little round. Not to bad. I guess it would be in a league with the 220 swift and a 22-250. Very nice round.
    Deleted member 115374
    I dont know much about the 204. I had a friend who was an excellent shot and hunted almost exclusively w/ 22- 250, with partitions. He shot a medium sized black bear right behind the front shoulder, broadside at 200 yds. The bear rolled down the hill 10 yds jumped up and ran off into the timber.
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