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  1. riverrat13

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    Mar 23, 2017
    Looking for a little expert help. I have had a couple custom rifles, but they were used rifles I picked up from LRH or similar sites, however, this will will be my first venture into my own build. I am looking for a "do it all", or as close as one can come, rifle for hunting big game in North America (Grizzly and Moose excluded). I have settled on my caliber, 280 AI, and would like to stay under 9lbs bare. With that said, I am still looking for some advice on the rest of my build.

    - What custom action should I go with? Lone Peak, Stiller, Defiance, Curtis, etc...
    - I am a big Bartlien fan, so I am sticking with them for this build. I am thinking light palma or 3b contour.? What twist rate would you recommend for a 280 AI with the heavier 7mm bullets?
    - A part of me wants to go chassis route. A lot of chassis options available in the 3lb range, XLR Evo, MPA Lite, KRG X-Ray. And it is hard to beat the adjust-ability of a chassis. If I don't go the chassis route, I will go with a Manners EH1A w/Mini-Chassis. I really don't want to go the bedded stock route.

    Thoughts and opinions?
  2. 26Reload

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    Dec 25, 2016
    Well...i have one rechambered from a 280 rem....remington mountain rifle..noodle barrel..shoots okay..definitely not a one hole rifle...but it's really nice to carry the very slim stock....and not 9# with everything on it and in it hunting....
    I think you would be better off looking at the HammerHunter bullets...better speeds and,as lots have said..very accurate......
    But I do like the idea of the chassis....sexy.....
  3. Alex Wheeler

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    Jul 5, 2017
    My choices in action would be the Bat HR, Borden Timberline or Kelbly Atlas
    #3 contour barrel 8.5tw
    Mcmillan hunter or hunters edge
    I cant get into chassis.
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  4. The Oregonian

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    Jul 20, 2012
    I would go with an 8 twist...let’s you use whatever you want. With contour, I tend to prefer a little heavier rather than a little lighter. I would go with a 4 or maybe 5.
  5. lancetkenyon

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    Jun 3, 2013
    I have a Bartlein #3b fluted on my 7RM in an EH2. It is a 1:8.5" twist and shoots the 180 & 184 Hybrids exceptionally well.

    My .280AI has a Proof Sendero Light in an EH1 w. 1:9" twist. It shoots the 175 Berger ridiculously accurate. I have shot from 160 to 183s in it. All are heat seeking missles.
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  6. bkillion28

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    Feb 3, 2018
    If I was building it I would go Bighorn action, 3B,1-8, MPA, although if you go with MPA order well before you need it as I waited the full 16 weeks on one and am on week 18 for another